Way To Home

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About Way To Home

Way To Home is a fun game, help the kids point to their home by using your drawing abilities. Be careful to draw in the right direction to avoid any mistakes.

Thank you for joining us in this challenging logic game called Way To Home. At this time, you will support some friends who live in a densely wooded environment, also with a lot of gravel. These children, who had not resided in the area for long, were afraid to find their way back home on their own. Combine your love of sketching with a useful mission and make it easier for these kids to return home unharmed. Use your power and abilities to ensure that they will not suffer any damage due to your mistake in handling the situation.

The main task

The child and the girl need your help to return to their own home, which is part of your goal. First, thoroughly search the play area for any hazards or obstacles that might get in your hero's way. Then, plot a route for the hero to get home without risk and make sure they get there safely.

Avoid all obstacles

Be very careful not to aim them at any trees or rocks, as doing so will force you to start the game over from the beginning. As you continue, you will pass increasingly more difficult stages and you will have to work hard to achieve a three-star score.

How to play

Use the mouse and start drawing lines.

We hope you have a good time and are able to return these children to their families. Are you ready? Then grab a pencil in your hand and we'll start playing right away.