Vex 3

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Outstanding features

One of the most famous stick figure video games is Vex 3. Are you ready for the third challenge? Start the journey now to discover what's new in this release. The skins and daily bonus levels are among the great new features. You will enjoy playing the Vex 3 online platform game just like everyone else. You are controlling a stickman character who climbs, running, and jumping in this game. Your goal is to control your character through a series of difficult levels filled with enemies, traps, and obstacles.

There are 10 regular levels in Vex 3 and an additional 9 difficulty levels. To complete a level perfectly without dying or dying too much, you can collect amazing trophies. For rewards, you can also find hidden stars in each level.

Some notes for you

You must possess precise control and flexibility in your character to succeed in Vex 3. To get through the more difficult stages, you must be adept at timing jumps and avoiding obstacles. Hazard.

You can also use unique tools and skills. Such as double jumps and wall climbing, to overcome challenging obstacles and discover new locations. Explore hidden areas and unusual goods to boost your score and unlock achievements by testing alternate paths across levels.