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About Threes

Threes can improve your skills as it is a fun and engaging puzzle game. Use your brain and knowledge to perform various numerical calculations.

Game goal

In Threes, the goal is to combine numbered tiles to get the highest score possible. Your main goal is to create the number box 3 and then combine multiples of three to form a higher number. The ultimate challenge is to reach the elusive 6144 tile and score as many points as possible along the way.

Game mechanics

Three games are played on a 4x4 grid, where you start with a few tiles, usually 1 and 2, randomly placed on the board. Here's how the game mechanics work:

Swipe keys or arrow keys: Threes is a tile sliding game, so you can move all the tiles on the board in four directions: up, down, left or right. Use swipe or arrow keys on your device to move the tiles.

Combine tiles: When two tiles with the same number touch each other while moving, they will combine into a single tile with a number equal to their sum. For example, if you slide two '3' tiles together, they will combine to form a '6' tile.

Tile location: After each move, a new tile, '1,' '2' or '3' will appear in a random empty spot on the board. You must plan your moves strategically to create opportunities to combine tiles and clear space for new tiles.

Game over: The game ends when you cannot make any more moves due to a full board with no combinations. Your final score is the sum of all the values across the cells.

Threes game strategy

To excel in Threes, consider the following tile placement strategies:

Corner strategy

Keep the highest value tiles in one of the corners (usually the bottom right corner). This minimizes the possibility of trapping valuable tiles in the middle and allows you to focus on building higher value combinations.

Edge strategy

If you can't place high value tiles in the corner, try to keep them along the edges. This creates space in the middle of the table to combine cells.

Combined strategy

Mastering the art of tile matching is essential for success. Don't rush to combine tiles right away. Sometimes it's better to wait until the right moment to combine higher value tiles, maximizing your scoring potential. Anticipate your moves and think a few steps ahead. This will help you avoid a situation where there are no viable combinations left.

By following these tips on how to play and strategize in Threes, you can enhance your gaming experience and aim for higher scores. Enjoy the challenge and keep honing your skills to achieve the highest possible tiles and scores in this addictive puzzle game!