Super Mario Bros

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Super Mario Bros is about new adventures of Mario to different worlds. Jump and run to overcome many strange creatures which you have never seen.

Playing this game is quite fun, but it's hard to overcome all worlds in this game. You have to face tons of enemies on the way. Of course, you can kill them or dodge them as long as the main character is safe.

Mario games

Although you live under the rock, you may know the Mario games. These games talk about the interesting journeys of Mario. His mission is also Super Mario games is to save the Peach princess. Many creatures will prevent him from completing missions. Although he has to face a ton of dangers, he continues his adventure in Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros game

According to many players, the Super Mario Bros game is the best version in the Mario game series. This game has simple retro graphics, but reaching the end of the road is very hard. This game is so popular that it will be adapted into a movie. Everybody called the movie Super Mario Bros and you were also surprised by the famous cast of the Super Mario Bro movie. In this game, you have to control Mario - the main character to reach the finish line and beat any enemies. How to defeat them? Let's find out the way!

Steps to kill enemies in Super Mario Bros

Mario doesn't have a powerful cannon, gun, or sword. Therefore, the game will be more difficult to kill one monster. However, it isn't impossible. Let's jump on the monsters to destroy them. However, if the monsters access Mario proactive, your character will lose one life.

Get some items and coins

This game is different from other games because the items and coins aren't on the road. They are hidden in mysterious blocks. You just need to break them to discover many useful objects. I can't make sure what contain in the blocks. They can be magical mushrooms, coins, and so on. Some mushrooms can change Mario's appearance which helps him more powerful. However, if you hit any monster, the effect of mushrooms will be over.

Game control

  • Press the up arrow to jump.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward. Don't forget to use the head to break any blocks on the way. After mastering all worlds of this game, you challenge yourself with Pizza Tower.