Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers is set up in Marrakesh where you can see many beautiful mosques, palaces, and gardens. Don't forget your mission is to run over obstacles.

You don't know how to pass over the dangers. Don't worry! You can understand the gameplay after reading the rules here.

Subway Surfers gameplay

You can easily conquer Subway Surfers gameplay because it's as simple as the normal running games such as Pizza Tower.

Keep the characters safe

A naughty boy draws on the wall of the station and he is chased by a guard and a dog. He must run quickly and cleverly because there are too many dangers. The coming trains or the barriers can stop your character and the guard will catch him. Therefore, you move left, right, jump over or slide to dodge all obstacles. Don't jump or slide too soon or too late. The key is on time.

Grab coins, items, and letters

Why do you need to get coins? With coins, you can purchase many objects in the shop. These objects can help your character run more quickly. You even can change new characters with coins. You also can use some items such as jetpack, super sneakers, and so on without coins. Let's collect them when they appear on the way. You will get a mysterious reward when you collect enough letters to complete a word.

Discover more things in Subway Surfers

Besides gameplay, many players also want to know about the high score, characters, and other information related to this running game. Therefore, I will mention the main points here.

Subway Surfers high score

You can see Subway Surfers high score when pressing the Top Run button. Then, you will see many high scores here. You even can rank on top if you get a high score.

Subway Surfers characters

With many coins, players can buy Subway Surfers characters in the shop. The only available character in the beginning is Jake. Some other characters are Tricky, Yutani, Lucy, Tagbot, etc. In this game, customizing the clothes is possible as long as you get enough cash.

Subway Surfers unblocked

I'd make sure Subway Surfers are unblocked anywhere. Therefore, you just need Internet connected device to enjoy this famous game. Installing this game isn't necessary because online Subway Surfers is available on our web.