Stickman WW2

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Stickman WW2 is a defense strategy game, you will feel like you are in the middle of World War II. You will have to do everything to have the upper hand and win.

Gameplay in Stickman WW2

In the exciting new game Stickman WW2 you will go back in time to World War II. Your job is to command one of the military's nationalities. You will see the task displayed on the screen. For example, you will have to take control of a military post opposing you. To do this, you will need to assemble a group of Stickmen, who will use a special console to participate in the battle.

Then you will attack them. When your team and the enemy face off, a battle will occur. Pay close attention to the progress of the battle and call in reinforcements to take action when necessary. If you win the battle, you will have money to recruit more team members and buy soldiers new equipment and weapons.

Master weapons and equipment

Equip your stickman with a variety of weapons and equipment to suit your mission. Whether it's rifles, grenades or heavy artillery, choose your weapon wisely. Upgrading your weapons and equipment throughout the game is essential to staying competitive. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect balance that suits your chosen play style.

While the miners are busy cutting and collecting priceless gold, you should form a powerful army armed to the teeth with machine guns, flamethrowers, cannons and tanks. This will allow you to take control of the situation. Control the situation, pay attention to your surroundings, make your opponents more vulnerable due to your efforts and achieve great victories thanks to good teamwork and superior investment of your profits . Each of these is important. Have you ever thought about the possibility that you could conquer the world through your courage and determination?

Types of tasks and goals

The game offers a variety of missions, each with its own objective. From covert operations to all-out battles, understanding mission types is critical to success. Pay attention to the specific objective of each mission, whether it's capturing enemy territory, rescuing hostages, or eliminating high-value targets. Adjust your strategy to meet the needs of the task at hand.