Stickman Hook

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Swing the stickman to conquer Stickman Hook! You can unlock many new skins with the strange appearance. Reaching the destination to pass the level.

Stickman Hook unblocked

Let's play Stickman Hook unblocked on our website. You can play this game anytime and anywhere you want as long as your device is connected to the Internet. This game is a great choice to relax when you are stressed. The fun characters also keep you in for hours. Now, let's play this game and see how many levels can you pass.

Move through the finish lines

To pass a level in this game, you have to touch the finish line which is the end of the road. There isn't a flat road for you to run. You have to swing on the hook and release yourself to reach the destination.

Use the hook

Do you know Spiderman who has a special ability? The stickman of Stickman Hook skill is inspired by Spiderman. You can use spider silk to keep the character in the air without falling. The hooks will appear in the air and you have to use them as the foundation. Swing from one hook to another hook.

Utilize the bouncing pads

The bouncing pads can bounce your character higher and help him to reach a further distance. However, sometimes, they bounce your character too high and he disappears on the screen.

Unlock the new Stickman Hook character

In the starting, you only control the read stickman which is available. However, when you pass certain levels, you can unlock many new skins. However, skins are unlocked by passing levels aren't all of the skins. You can get some unique and fun characters when you watch some ads. The characters can be a plant, ninja, robot, and so on.

How to swing the character

You can click on the left mouse button to swing on the nearest hook. Hold that button to keep your character on the air. If you release the button, your character will fall and turn into a ball. The inertia of swings brings the character to the end of the path. After you finish all the levels in Stickman Hook game, you can try another adventure in Pizza Tower. You will break a pizza tower in that game.