Snake.is MLG Edition

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Snake.is MLG Edition is a thrilling and challenging multiplayer browser game that adds an MLG (Major League Gaming) touch to the classic Snake game.

Control and game mechanics

The Snake.is MLG version focuses on controlling a neon-colored snake and making it grow by consuming pellets while avoiding collisions with other players' snakes.

Keyboard control

  • Use arrow keys to navigate your snake.
  • Press SPACEBAR to increase speed but be careful because it reduces your snake's length.
  • Use space or click to strengthen your snake

Game mechanics

  • Eating pellets makes your snake longer.
  • Colliding with the edge of the game screen or other snakes will result in failure.
  • Eliminate opponents by making them collide with your snake's body and you can collect their pellets.

MLG strategy to dominate the rankings

Becoming a true MLG player in Snake.is MLG Edition involves mastering the art of trapping your opponents. Here's how you can do it:

Strategic siege

  • To trap your opponents, circle around them, leaving no escape route.
  • Be patient and wait for them to make a reckless move, leading to inevitable death.

Bait techniques

  • Pretend to be vulnerable by making your snake look smaller than it really is.
  • When your opponent takes the bait and tries to attack, quickly turn the tables and surround them.

Increase speed and Juke

Increased speed could be a game changer in Snake.is MLG Edition. Here's how to use them effectively:

Surprise attack

  • Use your speed boost to catch opponents off guard.
  • Quickly rush forward and cut off their path, forcing them to collide with your snake.

Juke and Dodge

  • When in a tight situation, make quick jumping movements to avoid larger snakes.
  • Make unpredictable movements to confuse opponents and escape dangerous situations.


This is not your typical Snake game. With neon visuals, multiplayer mayhem, and MLG-inspired strategy, it offers a unique and thrilling experience. By mastering the controls, trapping opponents, and effectively using speed boosts, you'll have a competitive edge and be on your way to becoming an MLG expert in this fun, addictive game. So, prepare your MLG spirit and conquer the rankings!