Shooting Survival Skibidi Toilet

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Shooting Survival Skibidi Toilet is fighting action game. Lost in the mysterious forest, to survive you must eliminate all enemies that are attacking you.

Enter the breathtaking and strategic battlefields of Skibidi Toilet

Shooting and Survival, where a thrilling confrontation with our incredible creatures is waiting for you. Get ready for the meeting you've been waiting for with the strange singing heads from the earth. The skating area is yours to explore as you focus on the jungle's terrain in search of new tricks.

This vast forest is not simply a picturesque getaway but also an exotic realm, so it requires you to be steadfastly prepared for any eventuality. You will be amazed when the brazen Skibidy heads suddenly appear, displaying their characteristic arrogance. So, before you start this journey, gather all your courage, call on all your patience and exercise all your endurance. Are you ready to go? If that's the case then the war against the creatures living in the toilet could begin.

The action takes place in a large field, and from the start you'll have access to two different guns. Your goal is to face and defeat the advancing creatures wave after wave. In each level, you will have to destroy a certain number of opponents. It was essential to maintain vigilance while passing through this battlefield; Follow the topographic map for the direction of the leading groups. As soon as you locate them, quickly open fire and continue to do so until they are all dead. Conquer this survival challenge against the onslaught of enemies in toilet games.


  • To move just hold and drag.
  • Acquire the necessary funds and goods to purchase the right.
  • Hurry up, don't get caught and set yourself on fire.


  • Just use one finger to control the action in this simple yet engaging game
  • Multiple slots, each with outstanding looks and abilities.
  • Great graphics.
  • Much harder than fun
  • You can play both online and offline.