Run Run Duck

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Enjoy Run Run Duck now! You will help a duck find a gold egg that appears at the end of the road. Many enemies and traps are waiting for you to overcome.

What happens in Run Run Duck

A duck lays a gold egg but the slimes take the egg away. They hide the egg in their region, so the duck must come here to bring the egg back home. Many slimes will guard the egg. The duck needs to defeat them or avoid them reaching the egg. You will help the duck jump and attack the slime now. Let's take the egg back to the nest!

What you should do in Run Run Duck

I think the work you have to do is very simple. This game even is playable for children because of the adorable characters.

Jump the duck

You can see many high places in this game. They will prevent the duck from reaching the egg. You just need to press the up arrow to jump over them. One more thing, don't fall into the space because your duck will die immediately.

Break the blocks

You can see many blocks in the air and the duck's head can break them. These blocks will contain the rewards which are useful for your adventure. Some items even can change your duck into other characters such as Duck Hulk. At that time, your duck is very powerful.

Kill the slimes

The slime monster will prevent you from taking the egg. You can't touch them but you can jump on them to destroy them. Avoiding these slimes is a good method. It's up to you. Your duck has three lives. It will lose one life if it hit the enemies. It's possible to collect more lives in the blocks. Be careful of some black hard slime that can be defeated and you should dodge them.

Players many don't know about Run Run Duck

  • This game is designed with pixel graphics which aren't cause lag. Moreover, this game has no violent pictures, so parents can allow children to play it.
  • Many levels are created in this game to challenge any pro players. After you pass all levels of this game, it's time to improve your skills in Pizza Tower. If you love pizza, that game is a suitable game for you.
  • The time to finish one level is 2 minutes. you can follow the time on the right corner of the screen.
  • There are many other obstacles and dangers on the duck's adventure like lava, different slimes, and so on. You can discover new difficulties when you move further.

Game control

You just need to press the up arrow to jump up. Use the left and right arrows to move left or right.