Red Ball

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An exciting adventure is waiting for you to join

If you are passionate about action puzzle games then you cannot miss the Red Ball game. This is one of the most beloved games in this genre. You will take on the role of an extremely cute character named the red ball. He is a naughty boy and wants to explore the beautiful world. However, his journey of discovery encountered many challenges. It requires players to know how to maximize their intelligence to overcome the puzzle. Each level will correspond to a puzzle. Once you pass a level, you will be moved to the next level. Can you conquer this puzzle-adventure game? Or start now and enjoy it!

Rules in the game Red Ball

You play the role of receiving the mischievous red ball in this game. You control him by using the arrow keys to move and jump as needed. Your goal in each level will be to help the character complete the level safely. You will encounter many hurdles along the way. Pay attention to the pits because you can easily fall into them. Also, there are many other pitfalls and annoyances if you become a victim. If you fall into a trap, you will have to start over. However, there are checkpoints after the first level because there are bigger roads for you to go on. No matter what happens along the way, do your best to complete each level. Play this game right away and start the fun on our site!