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Powerline.io is a fun game. Your task is to control your color line to compete with other opponents, absorbing energies to grow and destroy your opponents.

Prepare to embark on an exciting gaming adventure with Powerline.io. It has simpler gameplay than the pizza tower game. In this .io game, players control a glowing electric streak, showing off their skills against rival Power Lines in a limited arena. Your duties? To grow, expand and conquer, while mining the energy crystals that abound, often at the expense of your opponents.

Like the iconic Snake game, Powerline.io develops based on the principle of growth. This time, however, it's not about devouring dots but about electrifying encounters! As a dynamic electric current, you will face unique challenges as you traverse the arena. Just like in the classic Snake game, head-on collision with yourself, other players, or the boundaries of the arena will signal your untimely death.

Knock down and trap your way to victory

To eliminate other players and harvest their energy crystals, you'll need cunning strategy and quick reflexes. Surround your opponents or set traps that force them into collision with your electric powers. When your competitors achieve exciting results, their remaining energy will be yours, fueling your growth and strengthening your score.

Accelerate and compete

Through the special booster system, the game still brings another level of complexity. You gain a burst of power that allows you to speed up when approaching another Power Line. Acceleration happens faster the closer you are and the longer the connection is maintained. Skillful use of this power-up can give you a huge advantage while dodging or trapping your opponents.

Rise up the rankings

As the 'King of Electricity', you will be crowned at the top of the scoreboard, making you a coveted target for opponents who want to topple you and tap into your energy reserves. Being on top is good, but it also makes it difficult to avoid aggressive opponents. The competitive, fast-paced Powerline.io environment combines the ease of Snake with multiplayer action and original game concepts.

How to control

You use the WASD keys to move in combination with using the mouse.


This is a game that combines the nostalgia of the classic Snake game with exciting new challenges. Navigate the arena skillfully, outperform your opponents and harness the power of energy crystals to become the ultimate Powerline champion. Get ready to light up the arena, shock your opponents and rise to the top of the leaderboards in this exciting .io game!