Paper Minecraft

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Paper Minecraft recreates the wonderful world of Minecraft

Choose your favorite character and game mode to start the fun! Popular survival and creative modes from the first Minecraft game are included in this Scratch game. You can decide which mode you want to play immediately. You are put to the test in the wilderness in survival mode. To survive, you will need to gather supplies and food. You will be able to create tools with materials like wood or stone, just like in the original Minecraft game. For food, you can also go hunting.

Your mission changes depending on the game mode

Depending on your game mode, your mission may be different in Paper Minecraft game. You must collect materials, craft equipment, construct buildings and try to survive in the wild while playing Survival mode. Alternatively, you can play the builder while in Peace mode. Players can express their creativity and build new worlds in Creative Mode using their ideas. Step into the Paper Minecraft universe to build whatever you want, fight spawning hordes, or simply exercise your creativity. Wonderful time!