Papa's Freezeria

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Papa's Freezeria turns you into a talented chef. You will make food and give it to your clients. Many customers from a yacht will come to your restaurant.

The work in Papa's Freezeria

The main character now takes care of a restaurant for his papa. He thought that this is idle work until a yacht comes to the island. He has to serve many different customers.

Guide to work in Papa's Freezeria

There are three sections in this game. They are the order station, build station, mix station, and top station. Each section is a different stage to serve clients and cook food.

In the begging, you need to take customers' orders in the Order Station. You'll copy down the ingredients of the dish into a ticket and then drag the tickets onto the ticket line to store and organize them as you like. Then, you start sundaes with mixable and syrups here. To blend the Freezer sundaes here, let's click on the Mix Station. Don't forget topping! You can add toppings and extras to Freezer sundaes in Topping Station.

Game control: You just need to use the mouse to play this cooking game. I recommend this game to children who love cooking. Hope you have fun with this game!