Om Nom: Run

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Description of the game

Om Nom: Run is a fun game featuring the charming and adorable character Om Nom from the famous Cut the Rope series. Complete all the challenges in the levels.

Developed by ZeptoLab, this endless running game takes players on a thrilling journey through vibrant and creative worlds filled with candy, obstacles, and fun surprises. The fun of this game is no less than the pizza tower game. In Om Nom: Run, players step into the role of Om Nom and embark on an epic running adventure. The game offers a perfect combination of engaging gameplay and interesting visuals, making it suitable for players of all ages.

How to play Om Nom: Run

  • Choose your character: Choose your favorite character from the adorable Om Nom and his friends.
  • Start your run: Tap to start your run. Om Nom will automatically rush forward and your task is to guide him through various obstacles and collect as many candies as possible.
  • Swipe to Dodge and Jump: Swipe left or right to change lanes and avoid obstacles. Swipe up to make Om Nom jump over obstacles and chasms.
  • Collect candy: Pay attention to the candies scattered along the way. Collecting candy helps you score points and unlock new items.

Game control

Use arrow keys to move your character.

Increased power and acceleration

Each level has a distinct mission, such as covering a specific distance without collision, performing tricks, or collecting orbs. For each level you complete successfully, you will receive a star rating. Increase your power Keep an eye out for opportunities to gain more power as you overcome various dangerous situations. The game brings a little extra excitement with power-ups and boosters:

  • Power-ups: During your run, you can encounter power-ups such as magnets and shields. Collect these to make your runs easier and more rewarding. The magnet attracts the candy towards you, while the shield protects you from obstacles.
  • Boosters: Use hard-earned candy to upgrade your character's abilities and unlock new costumes. These boosters can give you an advantage during your run and help you achieve higher scores.

Magnets, fast rockets, and currency multipliers are a few power-ups! Discover new characters You can purchase all-new members of the world of Nomville as well as fashionable outfits using the treasures you've collected during your excursions on the streets! Features: Racing through many thrilling and dangerous locations. Support items and power-ups can be collected to increase your score. Make a name for yourself on the leaderboards by winning competitions. Play levels with predetermined goals or run non-stop in endless runner mode!

In Om Nom: Run, the goal is to run as far as possible, collect candy and avoid obstacles to set a new record. This is a game that combines skill, timing and strategy to keep you entertained for hours. So lace up your running shoes and join Om Nom on this sweet adventure today!