Monkey Type

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About Monkey Type

Monkey Type is a fun and educational typing game designed to improve your typing skills. Start improving your typing speed and accuracy on the computer.

To get started, visit the Monkey Type website or app. You don't need to create an account, which makes it easier for casual players to access. Monkey Type game offers a variety of game modes to accommodate different skill levels. These include Classic, Infinite, Quotes, Programmatic, Custom, and more. Choose the one that suits your level. Learn the gameplay of this game like:

  • Typing mechanics: The core of Monkey Type involves typing sentences or words that appear on your screen as quickly and accurately as possible. Concentrate on hitting the right keys without making mistakes.
  • WPM and accuracy: This game will measure your performance in words per minute (WPM) and accuracy. To excel, try to balance speed and accuracy.
  • Use the right fingers: To type effectively, use your right fingers for the appropriate keys. Touch typing is a valuable skill to master. It allows you to customize your experience by adjusting settings like sentence length, difficulty, and more.
  • Track your progress: Track your progress by reviewing your statistics, such as WPM, accuracy, and typing history. Identify areas where you can improve and focus your practice accordingly. Additionally, you can challenge your friends or other players to real-time typing races to test your skills and stay motivated.

Benefits of participating in the game

Advanced typing skills: Regularly playing Monkey Type can significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy, making you a more efficient typist.

  • Increased productivity: Improved typing skills can increase your productivity at work or school, as you can complete tasks faster and make fewer mistakes.
  • Build confidence: As you see your WPM speed and accuracy increase, you'll gain more confidence in your typing ability.
  • Adaptive Learning: Monkey Type adapts to your skill level, providing a personalized typing practice experience.
  • Fun and Engaging: The game's user-friendly interface and various game modes make it a fun and engaging way to practice typing.
  • Social Interaction: Challenge your friends and compete with others to create a sense of community and friendly competition.
  • Accessible anywhere: Monkey Type is accessible via web browsers and mobile devices, so you can practice typing on the go.

How to play Monkey Type

Use your mouse to select the paragraph in which you want to write whatever you intend to write. You will need to use the keys on your keyboard to enter the letters to continue.