Monkey Mart

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Explore supermarkets in the forest

A monkey opens a mart in the Monkey Mart game. He needs your help to develop the mart. You can even open a second mart if you get a lot of cash.

In real life, you will never see a supermarket that is built by a monkey. However, the employees and clients in this game are monkeys. The cute monkeys will appear and buy your food. Therefore, you need to prepare enough goods for all clients. Although this supermarket is in the forest, it's even more modern than our supermarkets in real life. Do you know the reason? You can see the land next to each shelf. This land will grow many different plants such as banana trees or corn. So, your clients can get fresh food from your mart.

What you can buy in monkey stores

You are selling for monkeys, so the goods are also different from the human supermarkets. You won't sell any objects or furniture. In Monkey Mart, you only find food and drink which are produced directly from the lands. In the beginning, you only sell bananas, which are the favorite fruits of monkeys. Then you grow corn and produce eggs. Milk is also the favorite of monkeys. In conclusion, you can only find food and drink in this monkey mart.

What do you do to develop the mart in Monkey Mart

Harvesting the products

As I mentioned, the products will be grown and produced on the lands of the mart. You don't need to take care of the plants; they can even provide many fruits and corn. However, you must feed the animals such as cows and hens to get milk and eggs. You just need to come close to the land to collect the fruits and food. Then, let's move to the shelves to display them. The monkey customers will purchase them. Each food will be put on separate shelves in the mart.

Manage the employees and animals

When your market develops, you can't do all the work by yourself. You will hire some other monkeys to help you. However, sometimes, these monkeys will sleep and you need to wake them up. Moreover, animals are also asleep and you still wake them up. Keep taking care of the workers and cattle.

Upgrade the character's feature

You can increase the levels of your character and other monkeys. From that, they can move more quickly and their capacity also increases. The animals also can be upgraded to level with cash.

Some other information about Monkey Mart

  • You even can open a new market if your old mart contains all kinds of goods. Moreover, you also need a huge amount of cash to get a new mart and you have to restart the new mart as in the beginning.
  • You can buy some cute hats for your character. Although they won't help your character run faster, they make your monkey adorable. No one can deny the attraction of this arcade game and fast paced game Pizza Tower. What game do you like more?