Mad Defense

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Mad Defense game introduction

The cause of this war

Unable to maintain control, a mad scientist creates countless deadly robots in Mad Defense game. The castle is under attack by these deadly robots. To support the engineer, you have to earn a lot of gold. With the gold you earn, you can upgrade your fortress and armory. In addition, you can enlist the help of the engineer brothers in the mission. Both the graphics and sound in this game are stunning. This game can be played with the mouse.

Your duties

Your goal in the game Mad Defense is to defend the castle from the onslaught of dangerous robots. Shooting at them will kill them, allowing you to get gold. Also, upgrading your castle and weapons requires gold. In addition, you can enlist the help of engineers to fight with you. You have to persevere through various stages while dealing with more powerful robots.

How to defend the castle

In the game Mad Defense, shooting at the robots will prevent them from approaching the castle. To aim and shoot, use the mouse. Health bars for fortresses and robots should also be observed. You lose if the castle's health bar runs out. You will destroy the robot and get gold if the robot's health bar is exhausted. Various weapons can be used to improve shooting efficiency. Gold can be used to enhance your weapons.