Los Angeles Stories 3

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About Los Angeles Stories 3

Los Angeles Stories 3 takes you to the city of Los Angeles and participates in shooting missions. Help your character fight on the map in a short time. Careful attention will be necessary if you want to be able to drive a 3D car as fast as possible in the smallest amount of time. Your progress will increase with each attempt to shoot the 3D weapon in the most efficient way possible using the mouse allowing precise aiming. If you don't have as much money as possible at the end of your trip, you won't believe the fun you can have.

On our platform, where lots of new kid-friendly games are added regularly, you can become one of the best GTA players online. Your adorable kids will be amazed at how many 3D people you can rob in Los Angeles, and you'll be able to explore 3D cars, though it's not easy. You can also show them how many 3D cars you can explore in the city.

How to play?

  • Move with the A, S, W and D keys.
  • To shoot and fight, use MOUSE.
  • When interacting with items, use the letter E.
  • To jump, use the SPACE bar.

This 3D action shooter is modeled after the Grand Theft Auto series for inspiration. A riot will be started, so take the pistol and go to the car that was taken. The story of the efforts made in Los Angeles The third part, exploring other areas of the crime city, has been approved. Steel cars and participate in various criminal activities to become the most notorious gangster. Make use of guns and steal cars while completing the objective. Accumulate a lot of wealth and become the most powerful robber in Los Angeles.

Learn more about the game Los Angeles Stories 3

While playing the game, your character lives the life of a real-life gangster and engages in activities such as gunfights, illegal racing, and high-speed chases with the police. However, most of the money came from drug distribution and luxury car theft. Don't forget law enforcement: if you hit people, crash into police cars, or shoot other drivers, the authorities won't let you go free.

The new city map is amazing. many structures generate profit (you can buy them), tasks give attractive prizes. If you buy new weapons, your character will be able to deal greater damage to opponents. You should sabotage drug shipments and destroy your opponents' items. Progress with your character to take command of the entire city's underworld. You can expect to find a city with sandy beaches, stunning architecture, the best entertainment systems, and high crime rates.

Main features of the game

  • Realistic graphical representations of cars, boats, motorbikes and characters, with the option to choose the level of detail in the graphics.
  • Graphics in high definition (HD)
  • Over 25 different types of guns, from grenades to bazookas.
  • Increased adaptability to different levels of traffic frequency
  • Open gaming environment
  • GTA Games currently includes the third installment of the Los Angeles Stories series.
  • If you're feeling bored or annoyed by the mission at hand, consider buying an RPG and armor so you can take on some battles in the streets of Mad City. Collect areas of interest to the police, then locate cover and start shooting back at the attackers.