LOL Beans

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You should prepare to face a ton of challenges in LOL Beans. You and many other players will fight to gain the final victory through many rounds.

The familiar gameplay in LOL Beans

Do you know the TV program "The Amazing Race" in America? This TV program's format also appears in many countries. One more thing, this program inspires the LOL Beans game. You have to join a race that has many different rounds to find the final winner.

Overcome any obstacles

In the game, you may solve various obstacles such as the swing, spindle, and so on. They will prevent you from reaching the finish line. You need to jump or slide on time to have correct jumps. Just go to the destination first to gain victory.

Game control

You can use the arrow keys or WASD to move the character. Don't forget to jump over obstacles by pressing the spacebar.

Customizing the characters in LOL Beans

On the main menu, you can customize LOL Beans characters. However, these skins aren't available and you need coins to purchase the. After changing the characters' skins, don't forget to buy accessories.

Select a community level

LOL Beans allows you to select the levels which are arranged into best rated, new and trending in this game. The glad new is all of these community levels are available and you don't need to pay any coins.