House Of Hazards

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House Of Hazards takes you into a mysterious house full of difficulties. Help your character avoid all the traps in the house and help other players.

House of Hazards: Navigate, dodge and conquer in this fun game of skill

Welcome to House of Hazards a thrilling skill-based adventure that will test your reflexes. Take control of your character and navigate through a house filled with dangerous traps, while competing against other players in a dangerous confrontation.

Dodge Danger: Survive the Chaos

In House of Hazards, your seemingly innocuous house is a dangerous playground. From swinging pendulums to fun but dangerous toys, each room offers a new challenge. Your quick thinking and agility will determine your success as you jump, crouch and sprint to evade the dangers lurking around every corner.

Trap and Win: Outwit your opponents

It's not just about avoiding traps, it's about turning the tables on your opponent. Set traps strategically to catch other players off guard and knock them out of the race. The thrill of the competition between danger and danger keeps everyone on guard.

Objective: Get out of the way unharmed

Your mission in House of Hazards is clear: get out of the house unharmed and as fast as you can. With countless dangers and opponents ready to sabotage your progress, it's a race against time and chaos. Your agility and intelligence will determine whether you win or fall victim to dangers.

Smarter and more superior

  • Trap: Set traps strategically to catch your opponent off guard, temporarily knocking them out of the race.
  • Race to victory: Your ultimate goal is to reach the exit as quickly as possible, using your wits and reflexes to overcome the dangers.

How to play

  • Playing House of Hazards is easy, making it accessible to gamers of all levels.
  • Choose your character: Choose your avatar from a cast of quirky characters, each with their own unique style.
  • Navigate the chaos: Use simple controls to jump, crouch and run. React quickly to hazards to avoid getting caught.

You can also invite friends to join as this game allows up to 4 people to play. Then play some more games like pizza tower if you love the games we have to offer.

In a nutshell, House of Hazards promises a thrilling experience that combines quick reflexes, strategic thinking and moments of fun. Whether you're dodging swings, overtaking your opponents, or running fast to get out, the game keeps the excitement at an all-time high. So gather your friends, get into the chaos and see who is the champion evading danger!