Helix Jump

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Rotate the helix and break the Helix Jump platforms. Just reaching the bottom of the helix to pass a level. You can unlock many new skins in this game.

Guide to passing a level in Helix Jump

You can see many different platforms which are tagged in a long column. Your ball bounces on these platforms and it can break them. Rotate the helix to the ball to fall into the space. The falling force will destroy many platforms. However, you should be careful with the different-color platforms which can break your ball. On the way, let's collect some items such as lightning, skin materials, and so on. They are all very useful for you. Many levels are waiting for your exploration. You only have 15 lives. You will lose one life when the ball is broken.

Select and unlock new skins in Helix Jump

You can change the Helix Jump ball. The ball can turn into a vampire, pumpkin, ghost bride, etc. You need to unlock many different skins by passing levels to collect the experience. Can you unlock all skins in this fun game?

What you may don't know about Helix Jump

  • The platforms of this game are designed with colorful and creative graphics. Therefore, this game is very attractive to children.
  • You just need to click, hold and drag the mouse to rotate the helix.