Giant Attack

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About Giant Attack

Giant Attack begins to bring you an exciting experience, this is a game that combines your strategy and skills to fight fearsome enemies. Let's become stronger!

You will have to use your powers to achieve ultimate power while fending off hulking giants and less intelligent enemies in this action-packed game. In Giant Attack, your journey progresses through several engaging stages, each with its own difficulties. Your main goal is to carefully position your character to collect brightly colored objects scattered across the battlefield. Once acquired, these items will immediately rush towards your enemies and deliver fatal attacks.

Upgrade your character

Incorporating small teammates into the battlefield sets Giant Attack apart from other video games. Your character will undergo an incredible change as you gather these companions, growing stronger and stronger. Your size and strength are also increased during this change, allowing you to attack opponents with more damaging missiles.

Customize your character

Its many skins allow you to change your character's appearance and fighting style, demonstrating the game's diversity. You can change your character to suit your preferences, whether you want a traditional look or something more original. Giant Attack delivers a satisfying and engaging gaming experience by skillfully combining strategy, action, and customization. You will go on a heroic quest to dominate the battlefield and triumph over all other massive conquerors as you plan, develop and confront giant enemies. In this game, accept the challenge, hone your abilities and unleash your power.


Use the mouse to participate in the game.