Geometry Dash Lite

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About Geometry Dash Lite

The overview of the game

Try to go as far as possible with a cube character in Geometry Dash Lite. In the game, you need to navigate your character to drift further and avoid obstacles.

The game offers an extremely fierce race. You will face a series of deadly obstacles and dangerous traps. First, on the track, there are countless blocks. It is best if you can avoid colliding with them. If you can't dodge them in time, you have to replay the game.

Next, you cannot directly control the drift speed of the cube character. So, you can completely lose control at any time. You may be overwhelmed by the cube's speed in the following tracks. Try to jump over dangerous obstacles. Remember that the further you go, the higher the score.

Some characters in the game and controls

Before you begin to learn more about how to control your character, you must know well about the characters you will be controlling. There are many different types of characters for you to choose from. You can absolutely choose them freely. Seven kinds of characters include the Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider characters. Each type of character has a series of other characters. Choose your favorite character to start the game. With the keyboard, you use the spacebar to control it. If you want to use the mouse, you click the left mouse button to control your character.

The highlights of Geometry Dash Lite

The achievements of the game

There are many achievements you can get. Some outstanding achievements are Stereo Bump, Stereo Madness, On My Way, Back On Track, etc. You have to complete the track successfully to obtain them. Show your talent when playing the game, and you can become the best person in the game.

Many levels

In the game, there are a larger number of challenging levels. You can select them to play, and then choose the most suitable to conquer. Each level has different features. If you want to know about them, let's participate in the game now. You can select some levels, such as Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base After Base, Can't Let Go, and so on.

The game modes

Before starting the game, you can choose the game mode. There are two game modes including Normal mode and Practice mode. If you are new, the Practice mode will suit you. After you become proficient, you can join the Normal mode.