G Switch 3

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G Switch 3 allows many players to have fun in one race. You can battle again 7 opponents in this game, but you also can race single on a struggling road.

Play G Switch 3 unblocked

This game is playable at school, so you can have fun with your friends. You will control a robot and run in the special races. The road isn't smooth or flat because it's made from many iron bars. These bars will make two parallel roads. Your robot can change gravity to flexibly switch between two roads. This is the only way to help the robot avoid the dangers and corners on the road. If you want to have an adventure, Pizza Tower is the best choice for you.

Walkthrough G Switch 3

I'm sure this is one of the most special racing games you have ever played. Your robot can't jump or fly and it only changes the side to avoid dangers on the road. This game requires agility and reflex because the speed of the robot will increase gradually.

Avoid the corners

Sometimes, the bars will create gaps or corners which can get stuck in your character. The robot will disappear on the screen when you can't move for a long time. Although the corners can't hurt your robot, they can make you lose.

Be aware of the danger

Some saws even can destroy your character when you access them. Therefore, it's better to avoid road which contains dangerous saws. The key to success in this game is on time. You need to act on all actions on time. Otherwise, you will restart this game.

Three modes in G Switch 3

To bring the best experience to this game, the developer offers three modes for players. They are available without unlocking. What are the features of the three modes?

Single mode

This mode is only for one player. You have to reach the finish line to start a new level. On some levels, you even must control 2 characters at the same time. The speed of the later levels will be the main difficulty you have to solve.

Endless mode

In this game, the race is infinite. It means you have to control the character forever until it hit the obstacles or gets stuck at some point. Are you ready for thousand of obstacles on the road? Try your best to get an as high score as possible.

Multiplayer mode

You can invite your friends to play this game. You can have fun with 1, 2, 3, ... friends. One race's capacity is 8 players. Many robots can make you confused and don't pay attention to your robot. The first racer who reaches the finish line is the winner. Good luck to you! You also can select to play against 7 computers.

Game control

Each character in one race will have a different way to control.

Player 1: C button

Player 2: M button

Player 3: Ctrl button

Player 4: Right Click

Player 5: A button

Player 6: Number 3

Player 7: B button

Player 8: Left click