Flappy Bird 2

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Tap tap a bird in Flappy Bird 2 to help t overcome the objects. Don't hit the pipes! Keep moving as far as you can to get as many points to gain a medal!

Enjoy Flappy Bird 2

Continuing the success of the classic Flabby Bird, the second version is released. This version has the same game rules as in the original. However, the background and color theme will change. The bird in the second one is black. You still have a fun time when you come into this game.

Through the space between the opposing pipes

The numbers of pipes are unlimited, so you just stop when the game is over. The little bird called Flappy with black further is the main character in Flappy Bird 2. Its adventure is still through tons of pipes.

Know about the pipes

There are many pairs of pipes. Each pair is put opposite together. Between the pair of pipes, you only see a small gap and you need to control your bird to overcome it. Of course, the height of the pipes is different, so the gap's position also changes continuously.

Tap to fly

Click the left mouse button or tap on the screen of the mobile device to keep the Flappy Bird 2 fly. When you release the button, the bird will automatically fall down. Don't let it hit the ground!