Five Nights At Freddy's

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Five Nights At Freddy's brings feelings of anxiety to players. This game is one of the most horror famous games in the world. You must protect your life.

Become a security employee at a horror restaurant

Five Nights At Freddy's is about some scary bears that will kill you as soon as you don't look at them. To increase the game's difficulty, there aren't any weapons for you. Therefore, you need to escape and hide them. Don't let them access you because the worst situation will happen. You have to stay alive until dawn.

How to keep safe in Five Nights At Freddy's

To stay alive in a dangerous restaurant without weapons is a hard mission. However, I think everyone can pass this game through many tries. Let's explore the game rules now!

Follow the camera

Your character is in the security office where to contain the camera. These cameras are installed in every room of the restaurant. You can use them to observe the monster's movement and close the door when they come close to your office.

Turn on the light and close the doors

The bears will access you from two halls and you can turn on the light to scare them. When they come close to your office, you must immediately close the door. However, the light and door need electricity to work. So, you need to save electricity and don't close the door or turn the light too much. Can you stay alive through 5 nights? Good luck!