Fearless Rider

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Game information

Fearless Rider is a skill driving game. The game requires you to drive as fast as possible without hitting any obstacles or falling off the platform.

Players of the adrenaline driving game Fearless Rider are faced with protecting their vehicle from being attacked or crushed by various objects during the challenge. While trying to avoid collisions with objects and falling off platforms, the goal of the game is to drive as fast and safely as possible. You will need to be able to drive the buggy across difficult terrain while controlling the moving platforms, blades, and hammers to successfully complete this challenge.

As you speed through challenging terrain, master how to control your path. Practice fast turns, controlled drifting, and strategic maneuvers to overcome obstacles while maintaining your speed.


There are many different levels in the game, complete from the first levels. After you have good skills, the difficulty will increase. Challenge yourself to see how many levels you can play in this game!

Control instructions

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Use the letter R to revive in the game.