Electron Dash

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Learn the basics

Electron Dash is an addictive running game, you need to control your character to run through different levels of the game without falling out of space.

You will get an adrenaline rush while playing this game. The mechanics of the game are very simple to understand. Place a sprinting man in a neon light tube. Your score increases the further you can run. Try to cover as much ground as possible to earn maximum points. Avoid large gaps, unstable tiles, and laser beams. If you carelessly rush into holes or into laser beams, the game will be over. To avoid them, you must jump as high as you can.

What is the goal?

The goal of Electron Dash is to guide an electron through an electrified maze full of obstacles. Your goal is to reach the finish line without colliding with any obstacles.


This is a touch-based game. Just swipe your finger on the screen to control electron movement. Swipe up, down, left or right for safety instructions. Or you can also use the arrow keys or WASD keys on the keyboard to run/jump if you play on the computer.

The game features a variety of obstacles, including barriers, energy fields, and moving objects. Avoid these obstacles at all costs to pass the levels.

Advanced strategies for Electron Dash

As you progress in Electron Dash, the levels become increasingly more difficult. To excel in the game, you need to master timing and precision: Don't rush. Take the time to analyze the obstacles and plan your moves accordingly. Be prepared to face obstacles that may change direction or behavior. Keep a close eye on them and adjust your strategy as needed.

Many hearts will appear in the tunnel. Don't ignore them because they are really important. Try to collect as many hearts as possible to get more lives. This shows that if you pass away suddenly, your heart can allow you to start over again. Despite their importance, you are not obligated to acquire them at any cost. Remember that your ultimate goal is to score as many points as possible while moving as far as possible. Therefore, you must learn when to give up.

Click 'Play' now to begin your exciting journey through the space tunnel and explore the beautiful galaxy. How far have you run the longest? Sharing a game with your friends or family will allow you to play it with them.