Elastic Car

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Elastic Car is an addictive car driving game. Start showing off your amazing driving skills and speed control as you overtake other cars at breakneck speeds.

This racing game is not only thrilling but also offers many gaming options. The game offers a basic and user-friendly gameplay style, as well as exciting gameplay for players, it will bring you an endless source of fun and difficulty, no matter you are a child or an adult. At this point, it's time for you to challenge yourself and proudly show off the great driving ability you possess.

Participating in the game, you should control your car and change lanes, this will help you overtake all opponents ahead. You will be able to have a more exciting experience if you use power-ups to propel your vehicle forward like a rocket. At the same time you're having a great time, you should also be prepared to give your best performance.

Your mission in Elastic Car

As a driver, you will control a highly elastic vehicle that can bend and stretch its body in a variety of situations. This novel approach to gaming adds excitement and difficulty to the experience, making it difficult to get out of the game. To get a high score, the goal of the game is to avoid being hit by various vehicles while driving and collect yellow cars.

To get a championship time, you must catch up, and avoid collisions with the cars running ahead. Try to get acceleration function similar to rocket. In addition, when driving at higher speeds and handling more flexibly, you will face many obstacles and pitfalls. And in particular you will be asked to adjust the shape of the vehicle at any time.


You just need to use the mouse or touch screen to control the car's movement and slide to control the car's speed.