Eggy Car

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Protect a fragile egg now! Eggy Car offers the most difficult mission in the world. You must drive a car and guarantee an egg's safe. Good luck!

Drive the car slowly in Eggy Car

You can see a car which transports a big egg on it. This egg is very big but it also easily breaks. If it falls on the ground, it will be destroyed immediately. Of course, the egg won't seat bell, so you must drive the car carefully. The road contains many slopes. When you overcome these slopes, let's speed down! You need to keep balance to the egg won't turn over. Only clever players can pass this game.

Reach the highest score in Eggy Car

There is no level because this is an endless game. You only need to break your record. Try to move as far as possible.

Collects somethings

Eggy Car is easier when you get some support items such as freezen gem. You can freezen the egg that lead no movement of egg. Then, you can boost the speed without sacring of dropping the egg. However, the use of these gems doesn't last long. On the road, remember to get coins and use them to unlock many new cars.

Game control

You can move forward by pressing the right arrow keys and move backward by using the left arrow key. You need to combine two buttons smoothly to avoid dropping the egg.