Drive Mad

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Drive a silly vehicle to reach the finish line! Drive Mad takes you to a new world where you can boost your speed without scaring policies or laws.

Have fun with Drive Mad

Be yourself in this driving game. There are no police officers or other people, so you just start the engine and speed up. Of course, you have to face other obstacles such as the rope bridges or the high slopes. However, these challenges bring a thrilling feeling for you. You even can play this game on a weak device because of its light graphics.

How to reach Drive Mad destination

With the simple graphics, do you think this game is easy? It's true for the first levels, but you will change your mind in the later levels. I even try many times to overcome Drive Mad level 5. You just need to press the right arrow to move forward and the left arrow to move backward. In the unfair paths, you even can't tilt to keep the car balance. Therefore, it's better to reduce the speed at the slopes and rope bridges. If the car bump into the ground on one level, you must restart that level. I think this game is only for the pro racers. Are you one of them?