Drift Boss

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Drive the car to conquer Drift Boss! It's time to join an endless race. Some pro drivers must give up when playing this driving game. How about you?

Make some awesome drift

The road is very narrow and your car can fall down at any time. The slopes and unfair roads also can cause accidents. You only have one play for each race. Therefore, if you end the game, you must replay at the start point. The road has many bends and you need to click the left mouse button to drift right. You just release the button to turn left and go straight ahead.

Collect coins on the road

The road has many Drift Boss coins and you need to move through them to get them. Do you know the advantages of these coins? You can use the coins to purchase three boosters: double score, car insurance, and coin rush.

Why you should play Drift Boss

You don't have a driver's license but you still want to drive. Don't drive a real car! It's dangerous! You can drive a car in a virtual game - Drift Boss. You can turn left, or right, or make some dangerous drift as you want. Let's practice your driving skill in this online game now!