Donkey Kong

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Defeat Donkey Kong to rescue Mario's lover! Be careful! Donkey Kong is very powerful and it can hurt your character Mario with one touch of and oil barrel.

What happens in the Donkey Kong game

Donkey Kong is a gorilla monster and it captures Fludd and Pauline. Now, Mario is on an adventure to save them. He has to face many traps and deadly enemies in this game. You will accompany him on this journey.

How to pass Donkey Kong level

This version has two main levels which reduce Fludd in level 1 and save Pauline in level 2. You need to complete different missions at each level to save the characters. Now, we will learn detail about each level.

The works in each level

In the first level, you must reach the highest position which is next to Donkey Kong. To reach it, you must climb available ladders and avoid the oil barrel and fire. The fire can chase Mario. You can take the hammer and hit the obstacles and enemies. However, you can't climb the ladders if you hold the hammer. Good luck!

In the next level, you can't fight directly Donkey Kong. Therefore, you will remove the latches to break the monster's floor. The challenges in this level don't change. You also can boost Mario's speed at this level.

How to control Mario

  • Use the left and right arrows to move
  • Press up the arrow to climb ladders
  • Press the space bar to jump