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About Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a fun, novel and addictive game. In the game, you will participate in the water ball sports game, compete with your opponents and win.

Dodgeball is an immersive experience that will leave you mesmerized and captivated by the thrilling gameplay and refreshing underwater scenery while playing. The thrilling water sports game of dodgeball offers players a variety of exciting game options to choose from and enjoy. Participate in a variety of water activities and get right into the action. Participate in exciting competitions, take on wrestling challenges with underwater opponents and launch yourself into career mode to test your talent and see how far you can go.

Complete goals in game modes

In the so-called "wrestling" mode, your goal is to quickly hit your opponent and try to throw them over another player. To achieve victory, you must show both your dexterity and strength. The goal of the soccer game mode is to score more points than your opponents and score five goals before they do so. Leverage your cohesion as a team as well as your individual strategic abilities to achieve victory over the other team.

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You can use the mouse to participate in the game.