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Help Cuphead to defeat many enemies on his adventure. He needs to collect the souls of these monsters. Otherwise, he and his brother will be in danger.

The plot of Cuphead

Cuphead and his brother join in the game with the devil. The main character loses and the Devil will take their soul. What should they do now? In fact, they can collect the souls of the other monsters to exchange their souls. Now, Cuphead is on adventures and fighting many monsters. You will help him defeat any enemies on the way.

Face the Cuphead game's challenges

Many enemies with different skills will attack you. You need to know their abilities to find the best way to beat them. The character is also very powerful when he can shoot enemies. Jump over some foe and shoot the boss. The character has limited lives, so don't be hit by the foes. The game only ends when you can knock out the boss and collect their souls. This game is designed with a classic theme that is inspired by the Disney cartoon.

Game controls

  • Move left: the left arrow
  • Move right: the right arrow
  • Jump up: the Z key
  • Shoot: the X key

You need to combine these buttons effectively to avoid the attack and shoot the enemies. You can play this game many times to get experience. I'm sure you can conquer this game if you put in the effort.