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Crush takes you into a combat world, inspired by the classic SMASH-TV, where your mission is to destroy hordes of terrifying monsters in various dangerous areas.

To play well and secure top rankings in Crush, you must hone your shooting skills and strategic prowess. Learn the game mechanics and come up with a strategy to become a legendary monster killer in Crush.


In Crush, your main goal is to eliminate all the dangerous monsters lurking in a series of dangerous areas. Your path to stardom depends on your ability to navigate these areas, take on a variety of monsters, and emerge victorious. Remember, each eliminated monster brings you one step closer to glory.

Game mechanics

  • Character controls: Get familiar with the controls to ensure your character moves quickly and accurately. Mastery controls are essential to evading monster attacks and accurately aiming your shots.
  • Arsenal: Crush offers an impressive array of weapons. Experiment with different guns and explosives, each with their own unique features, to find your favorite weapon.
  • Ammunition and Power-ups: Keep an eye on your ammo levels and pay attention to the power-ups scattered throughout the areas. These power-ups can give you extra ammo, health, or a temporary advantage to help you face the mobs.
  • Regional Diversity: Crush boasts a variety of regions, each with its own challenges and monsters. From exotic jungles to futuristic laboratories, you'll need to adapt your tactics to the environment.

The ultimate monster slaying strategy

  • Target Weaknesses: Monsters often have specific weaknesses. Target these areas for more effective kills and save ammunition.
  • Headshot: Headshot can be especially effective against certain monsters, resulting in quick kills. Hone your aim for these important shots.
  • Dodge and Weave: Learn to dodge monster attacks through agile movements. Evasion is the key to survival.
  • Positioning: Position yourself strategically within the area. This can be important in attracting monsters and reducing their threat.

How to control the game

  • WASD/Left Joystick
  • Left mouse button or right joystick to shoot
  • Right mouse button/right bumper to roll

General conclusion

The adrenaline-pumping Crush shooting game requires skill, strategy and courage to face relentless monsters. Armed with this guide, you are now ready to embark on your journey to fame and victory. Remember, it's not just about shooting monsters; it's about engaging your audience and ensuring high ratings. So load up, enter the zones, and let the monster-slaying spectacle begin!