Crazy Pizza

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Game for people who like Pizza

What kind of pizza do you like? You can find pizza with bacon, olives, cheese, and other ingredients in Crazy Pizza game. Freshly baked cakes need you to rearrange them. Can you support this job for the chef? He doesn't have enough time and has too many orders. Pizzas are still coming out of the oven and won't make it in time if you can't arrange them. To make room for other pizzas, you must match three of the same pizza. People can enjoy the entertaining casual game Crazy Pizza when they have free time. You have to move quickly. Have a wonderful time!

Running a pizzeria

You can own and run your own Italian pizzeria in Crazy Pizza. You have to match as many pizzas as you can in this popular Match 3 game to sell them. The bonus is awarded when three or more matching symbols appear. You have to close the restaurant for the day and determine your winnings as soon as the pizza runs out at the bottom of the screen. As more guests enter the restaurant, the speed of the game really increases, and you'll need to pair pizzas quickly to keep up with all your orders. It is important that you stay calm to handle the situation.