Color Tunnel

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Speed up in Color Tunnel! You must avoid the red obstacles quickly and move as far as possible on an infinite road. Come and experience it now!

Play Color Tunnel online in the first view

Do you know what makes this fast-paced game unique? That is the play view. You won't control any character or geometry. You will join the racing at the first view. If you play on a big screen, the game brings a realistic feeling for players. Crazy speed is the problem you have to face. You must reflex quickly unless you want to hit the red objects.

No pain no gain in Color Tunnel

Some people asked about the tips or tricks to conquer this game quickly. I have to say that there are no tips to win this game because patience is the success key. You may just move 10m at the first play. Then, the distance will increase when you play this game at any time. You will be familiar with control and obstacles' movement. From that, your reflex is also faster. With one mobile or desktop, you can enjoy this fast-paced game without installing it.

How to avoid the obstacles

You just need to press the left or right arrows to move from left to right. Let's predict the obstacles' movement first!