Cat Run

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Cat Run is a running game where you control a cat to escape from a guard. Jump, slide, overcome many obstacles, and don't be caught! Take a blast!

Run on the tough road of Cat Run

Have you ever seen a road with a ton of obstacles in real life? If yes, I'm sure nobody goes on that road. However, the naughty cat is running on that road to escape from a guard. You need to press the up arrow to jump over and press the down arrow to slide down. If you collide with any objects, the guard can catch you immediately. Run and run in this infinitive to get a high score.

Advantages of Cat Run's coins

Besides avoiding all traps, you also need to grab the coins along the way. They can be used to buy many items or even purchase new characters in the shop. There are four main characters in this game and each character has different clothes and skateboards. Of course, all of them can be unlocked with coins.

Another way to get coins

Don't try to collect coins and put your character in danger. You have another way to own many coins without facing danger. You can get coins from the daily reward. The amount of coins will increase the next day.

Buy upgrades

To support for cat run, you should use coins to buy some upgrades and single use. For example, buy upgraded coin magnets to attract more coins on the road. With the fun gameplay and graphics, this game is definitely suitable for all groups of ages.