Brave Owl

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About Brave Owl

Brave Owl is a skill game with similar gameplay to Flappy Bird. With this version, you need to complete the task of helping the bird pass through the pillars. You can play a fun and completely free online game called Brave Owl and can be found easily on our website. Do you want to make a new copy of the game Flappy Bird? Then try playing the video game Brave Owl and see if you can get through as many difficult situations as you can.

With each click of your mouse, the bird will spread its wings and fly into the sky for more and more distances. Be careful not to let it fly too far, as there is a chance it could hit the ceiling, which will force you to start the process all over again. Can you consistently hit your previous High Score to win the title of champion in all flappy games? Find out the truth as soon as possible and take advantage of the many fascinating opportunities that Brave Owl offers.

Like the game Flappy Bird, you need to help your bird pass through the wooden bars with gaps in front. You may not be familiar with the game mechanics at first because the gameplay can be frustrating for you. However if you get used to it you can get caught up in this game because you want to conquer the high score. Invite your friends to join and compete with each other for scores. Good luck!

Control your bird

Just use the mouse to make the owl's wings flap. Or tap the screen if you play on a touchscreen device.