Bionic Race

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About Bionic Race

Bionic Race is a coin collecting game based on running and jumping. Upgrade your self worth by earning lots of money. From there girls will notice you.

Creative character

Starting the game you will transform into a cool robot character. His name is Bionic. He is showing off his money making talent to get all the girls' eyes. He is equipped with an orange protective suit and his most prominent feature is his hair made of wire. Besides jumping well he is provided with a rocket in the back. With the ability to run automatically, what you need to control is his flight speed.

Obstacles in the game

In the game, the obstacles that you need to overcome are not too many. As you run and jump you will have to overcome the cogs or chimneys present on the ramp. There are lines where the frequency of aliasing is continuous. So you need to be skillful to pass. If there is a collision you will have to start from the beginning.

How to control Bionic

Left or right click to jump. On the way to move, there are many coins. Try to collect all coins to get a large number of coins. The more money your skill is very good.