Adam and Eve

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Adam and Eve will bring you back to the past. In this game, you accompany Adam who is finding the way back home. Let's help him to solve issues.

Adam and Eve gameplay

This game is set up in prehistoric when you even can see many dinosaurs. The dense forest contains many dangers such as monsters or enemies. Now, let's step by step to help Adam return home.

Collect the keys and objects

It's very hard for to Adam find a way by himself. Therefore, let's ask for some help. However, each help cost one object. You need to find out the object to give the others and they will give you back some useful things. Moreover, sometimes, you must unlock some gates to take the items. Don't forget to collect the keys to open the gate.

Grab the fruits and flowers

On the way, Adam also collects food for the winter. Try your best to pick the fruits on the ground. They also can increase your points. Flowers aren't the food supply but they are for Eve. All women will be happy when receiving beautiful flowers.

Experience Adam and Eve levels

This game has many different levels which offer various missions. However, your final target is still to reach the destination where Eve is waiting for Adam. This game is combined with puzzle gameplay, so you have to think about a strategy to complete a level. A lot of hard levels remind me of Pizza Tower where you even can't pass the first levels.

What you have to face in Adam and Eve

In this game, you have to overcome many different games such as animals, traps, and locked gates. Now, how to solve the outstanding issue.

  • Snakes: They are very dangerous animals because they can hurt your character. You can see the snake will sleep for a short time. At that time, let's move quickly them.
  • The dinosaurs: you can get some rope from the others to disable the dinosaurs because they will push you back if you want to move through them.
  • The locked gates: you need keys to unlock the gate. You can exchange objects with keys when you meet the soldiers and other citizens.